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Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro - vegetarian vegan restaurant Berlin

Dinner & Drinks
Tuesday - Saturday // from 18:00 pm

Daily Wednesday - Sunday // 10 - 15 pm

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We are Vegan & Allergy friendly


  • [bõviˈvɑ̃ː]
    (french) literally: “to live well“
    meaning: “living the good life“, “enjoying life”

    Bonvivant is the place to meet, to enjoy, to experience and to be curious. We live “bistronomy” for gourmets and invite you on a journey through the vegetarian-vegan variety. Well-known processes are thought more innovative, popular classics got a new touch, and a balance of expertise and experimentation creates the incomparable experience – because that’s all that matters to us! Together with you, we would like to get over the culinary edge and discover new things in a familiar, cozy atmosphere. So, stop by, drop in, be surprised, and enjoy to the fullest!

    And if you’re not pleased, just email us, – we would love to recommend something else then!


  • At Bonvivant, we integrate sustainability deeply into our gastronomic concept. By consciously using local and seasonal ingredients, we reduce our ecological footprint and promote regional agriculture at the same time. Our kitchen follows a well thought-out zero-waste approach, in which all parts of the products used are used sensibly to avoid waste.

    We also attach great importance to social sustainability by offering young talent career prospects through apprenticeships and dual study programs. We invest in the future of our trainees and dual students by offering them not only specialist knowledge, but also practical experience and regular training opportunities. At Bonvivant, we see sustainability as a holistic commitment that goes beyond the boundaries of our restaurant.

    We strive to not only minimize our environmental footprint, but also to leave a positive handprint in our community. Through active communication via social media and direct interactions, we educate about the importance and benefits of a sustainable handprint and motivate others to join us. Together, we are creating a society that not only supports sustainable action, but lives it.

Read our sustainability report

Our Bistro

  • Say goodbye to one-sided veggies dishes! We want to guide you through the variety of plant-based flavors of the regional and seasonal cuisine, with constantly changing vegetarian-vegan menus. Whether it is a relaxed brunch or an exuberant dinner – with special details and the right sense of a culinary symbiosis of the supposed stranger with a local product, we gift our creations with a soul. Fortin, we source our products from local producers we trust or by hand-picked selections, by collecting herbs as a team, for example. Thus, we create an arrangement that touches all senses.

    The diversity of our cuisine is complemented by an unusual beverage accompaniment, which impresses with creative, specially created drinks – contrary to the usual standards.

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Our Bar

  • Playful, invigorating, adventurous – this is who we understand our heart of the Bonvivant, the bar! You can find non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks here, from the extraordinary to a beloved classic, from uncomplicated to very extravagant. Within our kitchen-based concept bar, we focus on creating experiences for all senses. Of course, quality, and origin of the products are our focus here as well.

    In addition, we have complemented our cocktail menu with selected biodynamic wines from Germany and other specialties.

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    Juniper & Foam

  • Image Thumbnail

    Honey & Honeycomb

  • Image Thumbnail

    Smoke & Bean

  • Image Thumbnail

    Butterfly Pea & Tea

Our Gallery

  • Whether it is a special occasion, a big family dinner or an invitation to an experience with friends and loves ones – everything and everyone finds a place at our large, round table in the gallery! Easy communication and absolute freedom of design will be the foreground of your exclusive get-together. In a quiet atmosphere, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable time. Please contact us at or 0176 61722602 for questions and reservations.

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Contact & Directions

Cocktail Bistro – the name says it all! Try our drinks, enjoy our dishes, experiences the entertainment with us. Ask questions. Be curious. Have a unique visit at Bonivant! Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by e-mail or phone.

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